the Staff Picks are making a slow steady return

This is so true!

It's A Small Film World, After All!

Slowly but surely I lost my footing and toppled this blog over. As of recent, no original content, aka no content at all has been posted. But in the past few days I have been compiling a list and working on reviews to revamp my quote-unquote Staff Picks column on here.

Basically, by Staff Picks I mean movies that I- the currently underworking, overtly lazy weirdo and only member employed for this blog as of now – find underrated or unique. Movies that I enjoyed, in a certain way or another, that I felt got their unfair share of criticism. Or movies that have been underrated or under viewed. Some movies have even gotten critical acclaim and I picked them to be showcased because of how much I loved them. This goes for movies of every year and every genre.

So yeah, here comes the Staff Picks again. I just…

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